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Mecafilter ELG5290 Mecafilter Filtro Carburante

Mecafilter ELG5290 - Mecafilter Filtro Carburante: Auto e Moto. Altezza [mm]: 189 。 Diametro esterno [mm]: 86 。 Entrata-Ø [mm]: 9.9 。 Tipo filtro: Cartuccia filtro 。 Uscita-Ø [mm]: 9.9 。 Questo prodotto e’ compatible con i seguenti modelli:。Ford Focus 2 volumi .8 TDCi (998 - 2007) 85kW。 Ford Focus 3 volumi .8 TDCi (999 - 2007) 85kW。 Ford Focus 2 volumi .8 TDCi (998 - 2007) 74kW。 Ford Focus 3 volumi .8 TDCi (999 - 2007) 74kW。 Kia Carnival II 2.9 CRDi (999 - 2007) 06kW。 Ford Mondeo III 2.0 TDCi (2000 - 2007) 96kW。 Ford Mondeo III 3 volumi 2.0 TDCi (2000 - 2007) 96kW。 Jaguar X-Type 3 volumi 2.0 D (200 - 2009) 96kW。 Jaguar X-Type Estate 2.0 D (2003 - 2009) 96kW。 Ford Mondeo III 2.0 6V TDDi / TDCi (2000 - 2007) 85kW。Questa e’ una lista solo di alcune auto compatibili con questo prodotto.。 Assicurati che questo prodotto sia compatibile con la tua auto, utilizzando part finder, qui sopra nella pagina.。Part number equivalente:。KIA 0K52A23570A; HYUNDAI 3390H95; KIA 6353040; KIA OK52A23570A; KIA 3390H970; HYUNDAI 3390H952; KIA 3395H952; KIA 3390H952; JAGUAR C2S27643; FORD 3S7955BA; FORD S4955AC; FORD 709787; FORD 37026; FORD 3S7955BB; FORD 230645; FORD 48056; SogefiPro FP564; SogefiPro FP5946; FRAM PS945; UFI 2444500; TECNOCAR RN226; HENGST FILTER H92WK; DELPHI HDF904; DELPHI HDF924; SAE France IGF3035; LUCAS FILTERS LFDF40; BOSCH 457434442; BOSCH 0450906508; BOSCH N6508; BOSCH N4442; CHAMPION L453; PURFLUX FCS477; MAHLE FILTER KL446; BLUE PRINT ADG02342; MOTAQUIP VFF475; VAICO V25046; A.L. FILTER ALG2276; FILTRON PP838/4; SCT Germany ST785; NPS H33I6; NPS H33I24; NIPPARTS J33039; MANN-FILTER WK829/3; VALEO 587503; AMC Filter HF648; WIX FILTERS WF8268; MEYLE 743230002; JAPANPARTS FCK09S; ASHIKA 30K0009; MISFAT M445; MULLER FILTER FN26; LAUTRETTE G40; SOFIMA S4445NR; CLEAN FILTERS DN953; P.B.R. AG6082 。 。 。

Mecafilter ELG5290 Mecafilter Filtro Carburante

Mecafilter ELG5290 Mecafilter Filtro Carburante

SPECCHIETTO RETROVISORE DESTRO ELETTRICO TERMICO DA VERNICIARE PER AUTO DAL 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012. COMPATIBILE CON APRILIA SX 125 PORTATARGA REGOLABILE PER MOTO LAMPA AERO-X 90146 SUPPORTO TARGA OMOLOGATO UNIVERSALE NON SPECIFICO NERO 270X190X35MM, Adesivo Decal Decalcolmania Vinile Murale Laptop Auto Moto Casco Camper ERREINGE STICKER PRESPAZIATO NERO 12cm LEONE. SKF VKJC 4588 Kit semiasse, Demino 1Z1857522F 6Q0857522K Specchietto retrovisore Destro per Polo 2005-2009 Bianco, Color : Orange WeiCYN Moto Parafango Anteriore Parafango Rotella Splash Shield for KTM 65. GS 25PCS auto Body Dent strumenti di rimozione 2 in 1 martello scorrevole con colla linguette Hand Tools PDR Dent kit di riparazione. 18 X 10 X 6 mm piezzi 10 Original Bossmobil Attaccamento/Clip Fissaggio Fermaglio per es, ZZH Silenziatore per Auto Adatto per Tubo di Scarico per Auto Decorazione Cromo Satinato Universale da 1,5 a 2,5 Pollici. Set leve freno in alluminio Regolabile Compatibili Yamaha XMAX 300 2017 2018, MOTORINO AVVIAMENTO STARTER COMPATIBILE CON MOTO GUZZI v11 ballabio le mans naked sport 1100 cc, TARAZON Moto alluminio radiatori radiatore di raffreddamento motore per Kawasaki KX450F KX-F 450 2016 2017 2018. HZTWFC Valvola di controllo aria inattiva IAC IACV OEM # AC420 4591611AA. Lot Pulitore Filtro Aria in Nylon per Husqvarna 357 XP 357XP 359 EPA Parti per motoseghe 537010901 Haishine 3Pcs.


To us, zero waste shopping is a target, we’re aiming to reduce our use of single use plastics and shopping in a zero waste way means not buying products wrapped in unnecessary plastics or packaging. We have food dispensers in store that keep food products airtight and fresh, ready for you to dispense what you need, when you need it. Our wet refills, such as hygiene and cleaning products are stored in plastic containers, again they dispense what you need, when you need it, and once empty are returned to our suppliers ready to be refilled and used again.

Our other product ranges are all in keeping with our sustainable living and zero waste ethos, for example, we supply products that are home compostable after use, have packaging that is fully paper recyclable, or come with no packaging at all.

All refill produce is sold in grams, you will see prices listed either per 100g or 10g, depending on the product type. Even our wet products are sold in grams as it’s the easiest way to ensure you are paying for what you take.

Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste we produce, while helping our customers to live a more sustainable life by offering them a way to shop without buying products wrapped in unnecessary single use plastics.

We suggest making one small change, identify something that you use regularly to produces waste, examples could be shampoo bottles, or packets or pasta.

Save the empty shampoo bottle, give it a clean then bring it into the store to fill up with our refill shampoo, or find an empty container that could be used to fill up your pasta, give it a clean and bring it in to refill.

We find that often the first step is the hardest step. Take it slowly and make it small, once you make that first step you will open yourself up to a world of opportunities for reducing the amount of single use plastic you consume.



Inevitably when selling loose foods there is a risk that allergens may be airborne. It is safe to say that our shop does have all allergens present and so it may not be a safe environment for people with allergies.

Our food products may either contain allergens or have contamination/traces of allergens because of packaging and transportation processes. Whilst we do make every effort to reduce the amount of trace contamination in our shop, there is always the risk that some products may contain traces of allergens that would not normally be present.

Once a product has left a dispenser, either put into a paper bag, or a customer’s container, it cannot be replaced. This is to ensure the quality of the products within dispensers is of the highest standard of food safety and hygiene. We request that customers pay for what they dispense, and if they are unsure how much a product may cost, we encourage you to take smaller amounts, weigh them and then print a label only when you are happy with the amount you have taken.

Due to Covid regulations, we can have 4 customers in store at one time. This allows for a safe enough space for customers to remain at a safe social distance. We request that all customers wear a mask and wash their hands upon entering our shop.


Yes, our coffee bar serves coffee all day. We ask that you bring a reusable coffee cup so that you do not produce unnecessary waste, however, we do have fully recyclable coffee cups to use if required. Our coffee cups have an innovative water lining in them, rather than the traditional plastic lining of takeaway coffee cups. This allows them to enter paper recycling streams and avoid ending up in landfill.

We do not provide plastic lids for our takeaway coffees. If you require a takeaway cup and a lid, we ask that you buy a silicone lid for £1. You can keep the lid and reuse it repeatedly.

We offer oat milk as an alternative to cow’s milk on our coffee bar.

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Mecafilter ELG5290 Mecafilter Filtro Carburante

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